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Notes about C Debugging (List of Contents)

This document is a brief outline of the HTML version of some slides I once used to teach students about debugging techniques in C. I think the material is still useful. The original version (in PostScript®) and accompanying lecture notes are also available.

What's in the files

more details about the notes (about the slides, the differences in the formats and possible errors) and some further references.
Pages 1 to 3
Introduction to debugging, General advice about style, and Using trace statements
Pages 4 and 5
A short example: main.h and util.c
Pages 6 and 7
A longer example: read_graph() and error-handling in the same
Pages 8 to 10
Debuggers and Books: debuggers in general, invoking dbx, essential dbx commands, getting help with dbx, and recommended reading

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