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CS1025/CS1026 Self Placement Guide

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Are you trying to decide between CS1025 and CS1026 ?

o       First, read the descriptions of each course in the calendar:

UWO Calendar Description: CS1025

UWO Calendar Description: CS1026


o       Next,†† If you do well on the Self Evaluated Quizand

know the Fundamental Programming Constructs and

can write a program to solve the Sample Problem†††

then you should seriously consider taking CS1025.

o       Finally, if you have further questions, check out the FAQ.


Please note: The information contained in this web site is for the sole purpose of assisting students with course selection. Each student must perform a self-evaluation of the questions and problems contained in this site. The Computer Science Department does not provide any such evaluation. It is each studentís responsibility to evaluate themselves and select the most appropriate course.