Computer Science Department

The University of Western Ontario

CS1025/CS1026 Self Placement Guide


Programming Constructs

In CS1025, it is expected that you can design, define, and debug programs written in a high-level procedural programming language using the following constructs:

  1. simple variables (e.g. integers, reals, booleans, characters)
  2. named constants
  3. counted (aka definite) loops (e.g. for (aka do))
  4. indefinite loops (e.g. do-while, while, repeat-until, )
  5. simple conditional statements (e.g. if, if-else)
  6. complex conditional statements (e.g. if-else if, switch (aka case))
  7. modules with parameters

Note: You need not be familiar with object oriented programming techniques in order to take CS1025.