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  1. Course Overview
  2. Different Points of View
  3. Intro to Java I -- variables, loops, arrays
  4. Intro to Java II -- functions
  5. Intro to Java III -- objects
  6. An Object Example
  7. More About Classes
  8. Top-Down Design Example
  9. Intro to Java IV -- exceptions
  10. Intro to Java V -- abstract classes and interfaces
  11. A Touch of Complexity Theory
  12. Algorithms
  13. Algorithms II
  14. Software Engineering
  15. Event-Driven Programs
  16. Designing a GUI
  17. Random
  18. Java bit operations
  19. Functional Programming
  20. JavaScript
  21. Lazy Evaluation
  22. The C Programming Language
  23. More C and Some C++





Tuesday 10:30-11:30Stephen Watt MC 375
1:30- 2:30Rui Hu MC 4A
Wednesday:12:30- 1:30Rui Hu MC 4A
Thursday: 10:30-11:30Stephen Watt MC 375
12:30- 1:30Esmaeil MehrabiMC 4A
Friday: 12:30- 1:30Esmaeil MehrabiMC 4A



If you wish to install Eclipse on your own machines, you can by downloading the following. If you have problems installing, you can see the TAs for help. You can also use the first year labs in Middlesex College.

The following can be helpful: