Transferring files to GAUL from Your Windows Computer at Home

Section 0: Prerequisites

Before completing this tutorial, make sure you have first completed the following tutorials:

Section 1: Copying Your Source Code Files to GAUL

  1. Start WinSCP by selecting Start > All Programs > WinSCP > WinSCP. If you do not have WinSCP installed, please see Installing and Configuring WinSCP.
  2. In the Stored sessions pane, select the profile you created in the Installing and Configuring WinSCP tutorial, and click Login.

  3. If this is the first time you are connecting to GAUL from WinSCP, you will receive a warning concerning the server's host key. This is normal, and you should click Yes.

  4. When prompted, enter your GAUL password, and click OK. You should have received your password via email when you took your first Computer Science course. Click here if you do not remember your password or are having difficulty logging in. If problems persist, fill out a problem report to notify the Systems Group of your account issues.

  5. Once logged in, the WinSCP window will appear similar to that shown below. In the left pane, files and directories on your local computer are displayed. In the right pane, the files and directories in your home directory on GAUL are displayed.

  6. To find your assignment directory on your computer, click the Open Directory icon in the toolbar above the local pane (left pane). This directory is highlighted in red below.

  7. In the Open Directory field, enter the path to the directory containing your assignment source code files, or click Browse to select this path. When finished, click OK.

  8. You should now see your assignment files in the left pane. We now wish to create a directory in your home directory on GAUL to store these files. To do this, right-click in an empty area (white space) in the right pane, and select New > Directory.

  9. In the New folder name field, enter a descriptive name for your assignment directory. Click OK.

  10. You should now see your newly-created folder in the right pane. Double click on this folder to enter it.

  11. In the left pane, select all source code files that you wish to upload.

    IMPORTANT: Upload only your source code files (.java files). To be eligible for full marks for your assignment, you should ensure that your submission directory does NOT contain any of the following:
    • .class files
    • Subdirectories, such as src or bin
    • Javadoc files (.html, .css, etc.)
    • Any files or directories other than your source code files (.java files)
    When you have selected all of your source code files, drag them to the right pane, and drop them there.

  12. In the Copy dialog that appears, click Copy to begin the transfer

  13. Your source code files should now be visible in the right pane. This means that they are now stored on the GAUL network, but they have not yet been submitted for grading. Once again, you should ensure that only source code files are listed in the right pane, and no subdirectories or other files are listed. In the next section, you will actually submit these files for marking.

Section 2: Submitting Your Assignment

Login on OWL and submit all the .java files that you wrote.