CS2211  Assignment Submission Guidelines

Your assignments are to be submitted electronically. Online submissions may be checked for similarity.

An assignment may contain two parts.

1.  Conceptual Questions:   The TA's will mark the pdf file submitted for this part of your assignment. See the submission details below.

2.  Progarmming Questions:   The TA's will check your assignment code on UNIX servers in GAUL network. You should ensure that everything works properly in your GAUL account before submitting your assignment.

What to Submit Electronically

Please follow these directions exactly :

  1. the assignment submission form SubmForm.txt (download from our web page and then fill)
  2. the answer.pdf file, if any, for the conceptual questions
  3. the .c file(s), if any, for the C exercises
  4. the .h file(s). if any, for the C exercises
  5. the Makefile and README, if any, for the C exercises
  6. the  script program files required in the UNIX shell exercises
  7. the script files of screen captures of unix shell exercises and C exercises (see Screen Capture and Scriptfix information below)

Notes. Online Submission: 

Screen Capture
To capture screen output, type

    script filename
    ...     (type your commands as usual)
This will create a printable file with the name that you specified (as  filename) that contains everything that appeared on the screen between the time that you typed the command   script and the command  exit.
You may also append to an existing script file by using the command    script -a filename.
For each screen capture, before the commands for the exercise, type the following three commands:
  1. the pwd command (to show the directory path to your assignment subdirectory)
  2. the date command (to show the date and time of your run)
  3. the who am i command (to show your user name)
Note that backspaces will show up in the script file; see the section on the Scriptfix utility below.

Scriptfix utility

There is a handy program called scriptfix on GAUL, that will clean up your script files by taking out backspaces and the characters that precede them. A clean looking script file will make your TA happy! Use it as follows:

scriptfix script.ugly > script.nice