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CS 3305A: Operating Systems

Fall 2017


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  TA Hours

Colin Costello (ccostel5@uwo.ca) : Thursday: 11:30am 1:30pm (Room MC 4a)

Jonathan Tan (jtan97@uwo.ca): Friday 1:30pm 3:30pm (Room MC 4a)

Zaid Albirawi (zalbiraw@uwo.ca): Tuesday 4:30pm 6:30pm (Room MC 4a)

  Computing Platform for Assignments:

o   You are to develop your code for Linux.   All testing will be done on Linux. Please note that neither Solaris nor Mac OS are Linux.

o   Students have access to the MC 244 lab, which contains 30 Ubuntu 14.04.5 systems. Linux machines available to you are:


  lxg-001.gaul.csd.uwo.ca through lxg-024.gaul.csd.uwo.ca








o   It is your responsibility to ensure that your code compiles and runs on the above systems. You can either go to MC 244 and physically use these systems, or you can SSH into them.  If you are off campus, you have to SSH to obelix.gaul.csd.uwo.ca first, and then from obelix to one of the MC 244 systems.

o   You can download a Linux virtual machine. For virtualization software, Computer Science subscribes to the VMware Academic Program.  Students can log in and download VMware Workstation (Windows/Linux) and VMware Fusion (Mac).  See details at http://www.csd.uwo.ca/help/software/vmap.html. 





o   New Platform Vagrant





       Students TA list for Assignments:


  Assignment 1: Due Date Oct 8th 2017

  Assignment 2: Due Date Nov 5th 2017