CS4472 150929 Quiz 1 -- Name/UWO Email Accnt:

[reminder: if you don't know the answer to a question, say that you don't know the answer and then tell me something related to the question that demonstrates that you do know some of that material.]
  1. Referring to pages 66 and 67 of Introducing Combinatorial Testing in a Large Organization, by Hagar, J.D. ; Wissink, T.L. ; Kuhn, D.R. ; Kacker, R.N., Computer (Volume:48 , Issue: 4 ), Page(s): 64 - 72, Apr. 2015, one question that comes to mind is whether not Figure A is correct. A full investigation of it is beyond the scope of this quiz, but we can do a bit of spot checking, specifically
  2. Referring to pages of Software Debugging, Testing, and Verification, by Brent Hailpern and Padmanabhan Santhanam, RC22220 (W0110-083) October 31, 2001, IBM Research Report, in Section 4, Conclusions, the authors talk about unstated assumptions, which they didn't talk about in the paper itself.
  3. Referring to the Evaluation spec derived from the course outline and the notes on the classes analysis of that spec, we have not made much progress on it since the beginning of the semester. The notes show 5 constraints (4 of which we developed in class and the 5th was just added to finish off the possible situations that needed to be covered). Constraints 2 thru 5 are basically the constraints that relate OG, PG, and B. Below I ask you for three more groups of constraints. If possible, write your constraints in the style used on the accompanying printout. If not, write your constraints in clear direct English. For these answers, we are ignoring the possibility of the value SKIP occurring among the input variables.