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[3 questions. reminder: if you don't know the answer to a question, say that you don't know the answer and then tell me something related to the question that demonstrates that you do know some of that material.]
  1. Attached please find pages 28 thru 31 of Effective use of Assertions in C++ by Marin. In it, there is an example factorial program. This program makes use of the macros InitVariant, assert, LoopVariant, and LoopInvariant that are defined in this paper. Assuming that NDEBUG is not defined, what C code do the following lines get expanded into by the macro preprocessor?
  2. Attached please find pages 28 thru 31 of Effective use of Assertions in C++ by Mike A. Marin. On page 31, the author discusses misusing assertions. If you have a program with many thousands of assertions, what would be the most practical way to determine if you were misusing assertions in the manner discussed in the article?
  3. Attached please find pages 713 and 714 of Towards an Automatic Evaluation of Web Applications by de Vasconcelos and Baldochi Jr. In these pages, they present four tasks to be performed, do their usability analysis and repair on these tasks, and then do their usability analysis on the `fixed' versions.
    ap1t1 .1033 ** not fixed "for task 1 in application 1, it was found that only 16% ..."
    ap1t2 .3757 "The usability score for this task was .3757"
    ap2t1 .5359 "The computed usability score for task 1 in application II was 0.5359"
    ap2t2 .3217 "As a result, this task presented an usabilty
    score of .3217"
    ap1t1 is worst after fixing
    ap1t1 .4679 "For task 1 in application 1 ..."
    ap1t2 .5759 "For task 2 in application 1 ..."
    ap2t1 .6807 "The usability index for task 1 in applicatomn 2 is ..."
    ap2t2 .6180 "Task 2 in application II has also preseentd ..."