This form is for self-reporting your participation in the second quarter of this semester. The last form was filled out on 6 Oct 2015 and today is 27 Oct 2015. Thus we the second quarter starts with 6 Oct 2015 Tuesday when the reading was the Amazon Web Services. It then progressed to When to Test Less, Quality Assurance at Electronic Arts (EA), Automatic Web Evaluation, Distributed Software Environments and 2nd Quiz, to last Thursday 22 Oct 2015 with the Black Box Testing Rules paper. Thus we are talking about 6 class meetings.
  1. Of these six, how many did you participate (speak) in?
  2. What would be your an example of your best participation during this time period (be precise -- you may consult your notes if you wish)?
  3. Any extenuating circumstances that should be taken into account when evaluating your class participation in this time period?