This form is for self-reporting your participation in the second half of this semester. Today is 1 Dec 2015. This form covers up to 26 Nov (last Thursday). The last form covered up to and including Thursday 22 Oct 2015 (the Thursday after the 2nd Quiz). Thus, this form covers the days where the readings were: Mobile App Testing: Tutorial; Tailoring of black-box testing; Reverse engineering taxonomy; GUI ripping (quiz 3); Reverse engineering iOS mobile apps; Testing web apps with state objects; Statistical approach to inspection checklists synthesis; Testing cloud platforms and infrastructures; and Theories, methods, and tools in program comprehension. So this covers 9 class meetings.

  1. Of these nine, how many did you participate (speak) in?
  2. What would be your an example of your best participation during this time period (be precise -- you may consult your notes if you wish)?
  3. Any extenuating circumstances that should be taken into account when evaluating your class participation in this time period?