CS4472 151022 Status Survey response

  1. 1 stop -- going over quiz answers
  2. 1 continue -- going over answers to quizzes
  3. 1 stop -- going over reaction answers
  4. 1 continue -- going over answers to reaction papers
  5. 1 start -- more time discussing articles and topics
  6. 1 stop -- cut down time spent on program
  7. 1 continue -- going over code in class
  8. 1 continue -- using the marking program as a `real world' example
  9. 1 continue -- give code examples in class for testing methods seen
  10. 1 continue -- lots of feedback
  11. 1 stop -- cut down time spent on class logistics in readings
  12. 2 start -- line numbers on printouts. [note: I use enscript to create the printouts. the -C option on enscript does line numbering, so will try to remember to do this in future.]
  13. 1 start -- work through examples using testing applications (i.e., ACTS etc.) [note: last time I tried ACTS, it wouldn't work with the version of Java on the linux systems. have a new version of ACTS that I haven't tried yet, but will get back to it. have been working through milu example. just upgraded my laptop so I now have all the software listed as available for the class on linux ( MC10Software.html), so hope to have more such workthroughs through the rest of the semester. also am looking at getting some GUI testing software going.]