CS4472A/9550A Course Outline Fall 2018

  1. Course Information:
  2. Instructor information: Robert E. Webber, MC384, webber@csd.uwo.ca (include course number in subject line and send from your university email address), office hours on course announcements page and/or blog.

    Note email is not suitable for marks, which will instead be uploaded to your class git repository. Also note that the majority of my email is spam, and so reading email for me is mostly about deleting messages that don't come from strange addresses and/or don't have meaningful subject lines. Don't bother emailing attachments as for obvious security reasons, I don't open attachments -- if necessary, use your git repository to make available to me files that you might otherwise email. Also, use the course wiki if you have questions that are not specific to you, such as requests for clarification on assignments or exam questions -- I generally check the course wiki the first thing when I get in and am more likely to check it than my email during the day.

  3. Course Syllabus
  4. Course Materials
  5. Methods of Evaluation
  6. Additional Statements
  7. Specification for this document