On Studying Simulations

a course outline for a graduate course on Computer Simulation (a work in progress, comments from Western Grad students welcome).

On Evaluation takes a look at how learning material like this might be evaluated, starting with teacher-based evaluation and ending with self evaluation. Most of the discussion (and references) has wider applicability than just the study of simulations.

Some tutorials, overviews, etc. of interest

Some dissertations/theses written on computer simulation:

The ACM Subject Index sees Modeling and Simulation as an instance of Computing Methodologies. It breaks this area up in the following way:

In the ACM, simulation is covered by SIGSIM (Special Interest Group on Simulation and Modeling). If you look at their Publication Archive, you will find one newsletter and 32 distinct conference series. SIGSIM sponsors the ACM SIGSIM Distinguished Contributions Award listing the following recipients:

Of related interest is: Google Scholar list of researchers who included the tag `computer simulation' in their research interests.

Also of note is the ACM journal:

Additionally, note the Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International: as well as the Elsevier journal and and

With respect to software for project work, a nice system to work with is NetLogo (implemented as a Java jar file):

However, more generally, there is a wikipedia entry Category: Free simulation software listing 29 systems, including: There are also two free network simulators: According to wikipedia entry on ns, these two systems are related but distinct.

Some open-source tools useful for analyzing and presenting simulation results

Some videos on Modelling and Computer Simulation:

And of random interest: