CS9629 Homework Assignment #3

Stereo: from local to global


SLIC results
Stereo with occlusions [Kolmogorov et al., 2002]
This homework covers several standard stereo methods: local using windows, scan-line using DP, and global using graph cuts. The overal goal is to understand the challanges of stereo and learn different algorithms for multi-label optimization problems.

There is no need for any user interactions and I do not provide any initial project. If you like, you can start from the project provided for the previous assignment since you will need to load/visualize/save images. You will need to use some standard max-flow library for computing minimum cost s/t cuts. One such library is available here (see Max-flow/min-cut section). Calibrated stereo pairs are provided at the "image samples" section of the course web site. For each pair you need to estimate the range of disparities: integers in some range from 0 to d_max. You can choose either left of right image as your base image for each pair, but make sure you apply horizontal shifts (disparities) in the appropriate direction.

Specific Goals

What to submit

Submit a pdf file with your report (no more than 1.5 pages of text, but any number of images representing your results) summarizing your efforts in achieving the goals described above. In general, images of your resulst are highly encourages as they are an ideal way to represent your experiemnts in image analysis. The report should be submitted electronically via OWL. You should also submit your code (in a .zip file). The project report and code should be your independent effort.