How to use the simulator

This is a simulator for synchronous distributed systems. The simulator was written in Java and it was compiled with the Java compiler version 1.2.2 under Solaris. First, download all the files and put them in the same directory. To compile your java file type

compile file

Where file is the name of the java file containing your implementation of the distributed algorithm that you want to run on the simulator. To run the simulator type

runsim file

file is the name of the input file specifying the network and algorithm to be executed.

The Input File

The input file is a text file and each line contains one of the following commands:

The Algorithm

The distributed algorithm to be executed by the simulator must be a java program. The name of the java class containing the algorithm must be specified in the input file as described above. Look at the examples to get an idea of how you must write your own distributed algorithms. The simulator provides several commands that you can use to program your distributed algorithms: