Science 3377A/B

Project Management for the Sciences

Course Description

Science 3377A/B covers fundamental techniques, theories, and tools for managing successful projects in the Sciences. Topics include project management standards and life cycles; resourcing, scheduling and estimating techniques for project management; project management organizational concerns, including project economic analysis, human resources, proposal development, risk management, funding models, procurement, and strategic alignments.

The course is intended to reveal and develop project management best practices. Students will learn the industrially accepted techniques associated with the management of time, cost, and scope in order to achieve total project stakeholder satisfaction. Through exposing students to the most efficient and widely recognized project management practices, this course will develop skills to help students manage successful projects during their careers. Not only will this course help prepare students for becoming a Project Management Professional, it will also prepare students to more effectively contribute to project type work and foster leadership skills of great value to both industry and academia.

3 lecture hours, 0.5 course.