Say Hello to the World of Computer Science!

Bit By Bit is a Summer computer camp organized by the Computer Science Department at Western Univeristy. Our mission is to introduce young students to the amazing world of computer science and technology. Bit By Bit campers learn the ideas and skills that form the basis for the technology they use every day. We hope to show campers that computers and technology give them the power to bring their ideas to life.

Our curriculum makes use of experiential learning principles and is designed for campers ages 9-15 regardless of experience or skill level. Campers may arrive at Bit By Bit with no computer programming experience. These campers will be taught basic computing skills and concepts. By practicing these skills beginner campers will be able to easily see the potential ahead of them and choose a direction within the curriculum that interests them.

We are also excited to further the learning of campers who already have the basic skills. From intermediate to advanced, these campers will be taught more challenging material and will be given more opportunities to explore the areas of computing that interest them most.

Not all Bit By Bit activities take place in front of a computer screen! Campers will participate in daily physical activites such as swimming, frisbee, soccer, and outdoor "camp games." Campers will also play fun games such as "geocaching," "puzzle hunts," and "computer science unplugged activities" that teach the logical thinking required in the field of computer science.