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WELCOME TO THE CS1033a/b Course

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This course is an introduction to multimedia and explores the use of different types of media components (text, images, sound, animation and video) to convey ideas and facilitate interaction delivered through a web site. Topics include design considerations and media creation/editing tools for creating websites, graphics, sound, animation and video files. This course has a theoretical and a practical component. Media components will be studied at a theoretical level, and students will have the opportunity to practice their skills by using software to create graphics, animation, movies, and web sites.

Through this course you will learn the applications:


Software Used


1 WinSCP File transfers to remote servers
2-3 Adobe Photoshop CS3 Graphics
4-6 Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Webpage design
7-8 Adobe Flash CS3 Animations
9 Windows Movie Maker Creating movies
10 Audacity (free, open source) Editing sound files
Incorporating Sound, video and Flash into Dreamweaver website