WELCOME TO THE CS2033a/b Course

All course information is now available through OWL Sakai.
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This course continues the exploration of popular media and Internet technologies. Topics include making websites using CSS, box models, Templates and Library items; learning to create forms and process them and manipulate the data;  digital marketing using blogging and RSS Feeds; e-commerce concepts and paypal integration into websites; search engine optimization (google analytics); social integration; and exploring website creation techniques for mobiles. Students will practice concepts using industry standard tools and software.

Through this course you will learn the applications:


Software Used


1 WinSCP File transfers to remote servers
2-3 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Advanced Graphic techniques
4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Building Forms and processing
5 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and free software Blogging and RSS Feeds
6-8 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6     
CSS Styles, Box model for building websites, templates, Libraries
9 Free Software and Dreamweaver      Image Fade in/Fadeout effects in banners techniques
10 Dreamweaver      Incorporating Paypal into website