Homework Assignments

The text for homework assignments for CS2214b will be posted on OWL. Items to be submitted for each assignment will be specified in the assignment description posted below. All required files should be submitted electronically via student's account on OWL by the indicated due date. As described in the syllabus, there will be no extensions for any of the assignments. If you have an approved "academic accomodation", you can email me your request to have a particular assignment dropped and its weight redistributed among other assignments. No submissions will be accepted via email. Note that OWL allows you to check your submission files and resubmit them, if necessary. It is your responsibility to make sure that submitted files are those that you intended to submit. Failure to verify your submission files can not be used as any excuse. You should contact ITS if you experience technical difficulties with submitting your files via OWL.

You are allowed to resubmit the assignment anytime before the due date. We will grade only your last submission. Note that OWL will accept a late submission within one week past the due date, but you will receive an automatic 10% deduction for each day past due (as in syllabus). You can not re-submit past the due date.

Weight Assigned Due
Assignment 1 5% Jan 17 Jan 26
Assignment 2 5% Feb 2 Feb 9
Assignment 3 5% Feb 9 Feb 16
Assignment 4 5%
Assignment 5 5%

NOTE: We will use OWL to post grades and to send you feedback for each assignment. Each individual student may receive a grade and electronic feedback at a different time as his or her work is graded.