Computer Science 4411b/9538b, Jan. 2017

Databases II


The midterm will be in class, Wed. March 1, 2017.It will cover up to and including Set 7 of the lecture notes.No aids.50 minutes.Please bring your student card.


Include in your Project Proposals the date on which you would like to give your presentation.


Assignment 1, 2 and the project descriptions are now available on the owl site.


Classes in this course start Jan. 9, 2017




††††††††††† Sylvia Osborn,   MC 378

    ††††††† email: sylvia at csd dot uwo dot ca  or†† osborn at uwo dot ca

    ††††††† phone: 519-661-3992

Course Information:

Course Outline for CS4411b

Course Outline for CS 9538b


Lecture Notes

        Lecture notes are available on the course owl site.Log in students registered in CS9538 should have access to the CS4411b owl site.

Office Hours:  

        for Dr. Osborn (in MC378):

        Monday, Feb. 27, 2:30 to 3:30

        Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2:30 to 4:30

        for TA, Motahera Shermin, in MC 29C

        March 7th, 8th and 10th, 11:00 to 1:00


Assignment descriptions are all posted on the owl site.

Midterm Solutions:

Some old Midterms:

         answer to 2013 midterm (2 hours)

         answer to 2012 midterm (1 hour)

         Solutions for the first 2006 midterm

         Solutions for the second 2006 midterm

         Answers to first 2005 midterm, in postcript pdf

         Answers to second 2005 midterm, in postscript pdf

Some old Final Exams: (there are no typed answers to these exams)


Web page for 3rd edition of Őzsu and Vaduriezís book, Principles of Distributed Database Systems

OODBMS Web page

XQuery Web Page

Encyclopedia of Database Systems: go to the UWO library web page, enter the title and follow the links.

Springer book on Web Information Retrieval