Final Project of CS4412A/9555A, 2012
Report due date: Dec 10, 2012 (midnight)
Report submission: Email your report (Word, PDF, PS) to
Project presentaton will be arranged on Dec 4 and Dec 11, 2012.
Individual or group work (2 people)
Total marks: 30% of the final marks

The final project is open-ended. It can be a survey, some data-mining task with data collection and mining, or some applications with data mining as a major component. You need to submit a written report and make a presentation. Here are some project ideas:
Novel ideas are always encouraged! Also, you are encouraged to devote more effort to make the project high-quality research, and aim to get the report published in data mining conferences or journals.

Below please find a list of sample papers/articles for different types of projects. Note that, all of them are high quality papers, and none can be done in a few weeks or a month. So, the standard for our project will be much lower. Just hope that you can have a sense what a really good report/paper should be, and can learn the basic structure/framework from these papers.

Survey and Review:
Survey of Clustering Algorithms
Learning from Imbalanced Data

Empirical Sutdy:
Popular Ensemble Methods: An Empirical Study
Experimental Perspectives on Learning from Imbalanced Data

Data Mining in Applications:
Deconstructing Recommender Systems
Data Mining for Direct Marketing: Problems and Solutions

Data Mining Competetion Report:
The BellKor 2008 Solution to the Netflix Prize (Netflix Prize first place)
The BellKor Solution to the Netflix Grand Prize (Neflix Prize first place)
Feature-Weighted Linear Stacking (Netflix prize second place)