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CS 4457A/9657A: Computer Networks II

Fall 2018


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Name: Dr. Anwar Haque

Office: MC 415; Phone : 519-661-2111 ext. 87428

E-mail: ahaque32@uwo.ca

Office hours: Tuesday: 12:30pm – 1:30pm


General Information

Meeting Times and Location: Tuesday: 9:30am – 12:30pm, NCB-114

Prerequisites: Computer Science 3305A/B, Computer Science 3357A/B. Although this course is primarily designed for the senior year undergrad and graduate students who have background in computer networks and operating systems (such as 3357A/B, 3305A/B) it also welcomes interested students from other relevant disciplines such as systems engineering, machine learning, statistics, and Combinatorics & Optimization. If the students do not have background in the area of communication networks they are encouraged to discuss their interest with the course instructor to evaluate their eligibility for this course.

Description: The Internet and other modern communications services provided by telco companies (e.g., Bell Canada, Telus, Rogers) are a part of today’s modern society. Today’s Telco industry serves as a technological backbone for any services and infrastructure one could imagine e.g., content delivery, smart homes, e-health.


This course will introduce some of the core technical functionalities within a Telco industry; introduce the core challenges in these units, and how these challenges could be explored. Students will gain real life knowledge and experience through various research projects, discussion, and assignments. Undergraduate students will be mainly involved in designing and developing a tool / prototype to address a specific high-value Telco industry functional problem. Graduate students will be mainly involved in exploring a real world complex Telco research topic and working on a full fledge research paper that addresses a specific research problem. In addition, this course is expected to assist the graduate students (who yet to identify their thesis topic) to find an interesting real-world research problem that could be a good fit for their thesis.


Suggested Textbook: No required text book, but the list of research reading papers and relevant materials will be provided on the course website.

Lecture Notes: Lectures notes will be made available on the course website.

Teaching Assistants (TAs): Please see the Announcements Section for TA Hours.