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    Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

    Western University, Graduate Studies - SOGSThe Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) is dedicated to providing the information, assistance, and services necessary to help graduate students successfully complete their goals while at Western University. Any part-time or full-time graduate student is a member of SOGS, which is governed by a council and executive board.

    SOGS provides its members with several benefits and services including health and dental coverage, bus passes, emergency loans, and advocacy on behalf of graduate students at the university, local, provincial and national levels.

    Graduate Teaching Assistants Union

    The UWO-GTA Union is composed solely of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at The University of Western Ontario. Although the UWO-GTA Union is a Local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), only GTAs establish the priorities and policies of the Local. Through periodic negotiations with the University, the Union established a Collective Agreement which defines GTA working conditions, compensation, and benefits.

    Ivey MBA Association

    Western University, Graduate Studies - Ivey MBA AssociationThe Ivey MBA Student Association is the umbrella organization that represents and provides various services to all Ivey MBA students. We work with all the clubs to provide a rich associative life for Ivey MBA students, one that offers ample opportunities for leadership and volunteerism. Our mission is to empower students to maximize our Ivey experience. The MBAA is a unique not-for-profit organization, distinct from other b-school student associations across North America. We are in the business of delivering non-academic services to Ivey students, and ensuring that the MBA experience is delivered efficiently, and is fun. From orientation week, to casebooks and lockers, to helping students with academic issues, to sports and clubs, the MBAA is actively involved.