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    Course Outlines for 2017

    Course # Course Title
    cs1026a Computer Science Fundamentals I
    cs1027a Computer Science Fundamentals II
    cs1032a Information Systems and Design
    cs1032a section 650 Distance Information Systems and Design (Distance)
    cs1033a Multimedia and Communication
    cs1037a Computer Science Fundamentals II
    cs2120a Computing & Informatics
    cs2210a Data Structures and Algorithms
    cs2209a Applied Logic for Computer Science
    cs2211a Software Tools and Systems Programming
    cs3305a Operating Systems
    cs3307a Object-Oriented Design and Analysis
    cs3319a Databases I
    cs3331a Foundations of Computer Science I
    cs3357a Computer Networks I
    cs3388a Computer Graphics I
    cs4414a Introduction to Data Science I
    cs4436a Selected Topics
    cs4445a Analysis of Algorithms II
    cs4457a Computer Networks II
    cs4463a Computational Biology
    cs4470z Software Maintenance and Configuration Management
    cs4472a Specification, Testing and Quality Assurance
    cs4478y Master the Mainframe
    cs4480y Game Development Project
    cs4482a Game Engine Development
    cs4490z + cs4460z+ cs3380z Thesis / Bioinformatics Thesis

    Course Outlines for 2015

    Course # Course Title
    cs3319a Databases I
    cs4435a Selected Topics
    cs4470a Software Maintenance and Configuration Management
    cs4475a Open Source Software Project
    cs4480y Game Development Project