Anwar Haque

  • "Let’s bridge the gap between Academia & Industry ..."


  • “Towards a Hyper-connected World: The Service Provider Perspective”, The Seventh IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet, May 11th 2015, Ottawa, Canada
  • “Exploring the real world Telco challenges through meaningful industry-academia collaborative research”, UlySSes – Delivering Ultra Large Scale Services, Annual research meeting organized by School of Computing Science, Queen`s University, August 14th 2014, Kingston, ON

Invited Talk

  • Panelist: Industry-Academic Partnerships:Delivering Innovation in Ontario and Across Canada Moderated by SOSCIP’s Dr. Jennifer MacLean, Executive Director At the Ontario Advanced Research Computing Congress (OARCC), May 17, 2018
  • “Autonomous Vehicle Networks: Network QoS and Cyber Security", OCE Regional Meeting on Autonomous Vehicles,NRC London, Canada, Oct 13 2017

  • “Next Gen Networks: Service Provider Perspective”, Google, Waterloo, ON, July 7th 2015

  • “Towards a Hyper-connected World”, Dept. of ECE & IEEE Young Professionals London Chapter, Western University, June 4th 2015

  • “Bridging the gap between Academic and Industry Research”, School of Computing (QRST Group), Queen’s University, May 13th 2015, Kingston, ON

  • “IoT, Big Data, and NGN: An ISP Perspective”, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Nov 6th 2014

  • “Research Challenges in NextGen Networks: An Industry Perspective”, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, U Waterloo, Nov 11th 2014

  • “BigBandwidth”, Kansas city, MO US, Nov 5-6 2013

  • “Novel Approaches and Architecture for Survivable WDM Mesh Networks”, Business Decision Support District Conference, BCE Inc. Ottawa, Canada, Dec 15th 2012

  • “Open research problems in the ever-growing ultra-large scale networks”, IBM CASCON 2012 - 22nd annual international conference hosted by the Centre for Advanced Studies Research, IBM Canada, Nov 7th 2012

  • “Bell – QRST network security research collaboration opportunities”, School of Computing (QRST Group), Queen’s University, June 2006, ON