2+2 Dual Degree Program


Central South University (CSU), Changsha, Hunan Province, China


University of Western Ontario (UWO or Western), London, Ontario, Canada

  • You can email Prof. John Barron or Prof. Bob Mercer for help at barron@csd.uwo.ca or mercer@csd.uwo.ca at any time during the application process.
  • Click here for the pdf of the slides of Bob's presentation.
  • Click here for the pdf of the Chinese language slides on UWO and OAUC (how to apply to UWO/Western).
  • Click here for the pdf of the English language slides on UWO.
  • Click here for the pdf of the English language slides on using OAUC (how to apply to UWO/Western).
  • NOTE that a subset of the English languages slides were used to make the Chinese language slides.
  • Scholarships information for the CSU/UWO dual degree (to come).
  • Note: applicants first need to register through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC): http://www.ouac.on.ca/105. They fill out the 105 form and pay the application fee to OUAC. Applicants should select the Faculty of Science using OUAC code ES (Science), and under "subject of major interest" list Computer Science. The year level they would choose would be advanced standing (upper year). They need to fill out the rest of the form as required listing their current institution of study in the educational section as well.
  • CURRENT INFORAMTION is that once the Admissions Office has been notified by OUAC that a student has applied, UWO will get in contact with the applicant to request supporting documentation for the application. Students should have official transcripts and English Proficiency test results ready to sent directly to the Admissions Office, along with translations of their transcripts. The Admissions Office will then know what program (CSU/UWO dual degree in Computer Science) to admit applicants to with transfer credits as specified in the agreement.
  • BUT NOTE that on a new version of the OUAC website, you may have to submit these documents when you make your initial application. The website will be updated with the new details when we have them.
  • Contact Prof. John Barron or Prof. Bob Mercer to get help at any time in this application process (if difficulties are encountered).