Due date: Friday November 10th 2017, at 11:55pm
Weight: 10% of final mark

This assignment consists of the design and implementation of a program that allows a user to shade objects (spheres, cones, and torii) in various colours. The program to be created will place and scale parametric objects within a scene (using 3D homogeneous transformation matrices) and render them using a simple Lambertian shading model that assumes diffuse light reflection from objects. Your program will perform the following:

  • Once your assignment is finished, turn your source code into a pdf text file and submit it along with screen captures of the resulting output images through OWL.

    To assist you in this assignment, you are given a program that sets up the camera matrix. The camera matrix program requires matrix code found in matrix.h.

    Before submitting your assignment, please refer to the assignment marking scheme and submission guidelines.