Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Western is an excellent place for distributed systems and software engineering research.   I am pleased that youare considering doing a graduate degree here.  You can find out more about my research activities from my lab's research page.  On this web page I will answer several questions.

What is the Application Process?

To be admitted to the graduate program requires that you submit a full application to the Department.  There is an admissions committee that determines if the applicant
is acceptable.  At this point, faculty are invited to look at applications that the admissions committee found acceptable.  It should be emphasized students are
admitted to the graduate program, and not to research groups of invidual.  If you are interested in working with a particular professor or group you should mention this in
your statement.

What Factors are Considered in Making Admittance Decisions?

Western's computer science graudate program is very competitive.  We get many more applications from excellent candidates than we are able to admit.
Important factors are reference letters and grades.  

What Do I Look At in Deciding on Students to Supervise?

Any student that I would consider supervising must be found acceptable by the admissions committee.    I get many emails from students requesting that I supervise them.  I often do not respond because the emails are generic in that there is nothing that indicates that the sender knows anything about my research.  If you want a response you need to find out more about what I do.    Students that I supervise should have some background in networking and software development.  Potential students should be hardworking and be willing to interact with other members of the research group.