Sylvia Osborn
Graduate Students


PhD Students:

Motahera Shermin (since Jan. 2014)

Daniel Servos (since Sept. 2013)

Sharmin Ahmed (2014) Application of Risk Metrics for Role Mining

He Wang (2008) Fine-Grained Role Graph Model

Curtis Gittens (1999) A Unifrom and Extensible Graphical Methodology for Database Integration

W. James Blustein (1999) Hypertext Versions of Journal Articles: Computer-aided Linking and Realistic Human-based Evaluation

Matunda Nyanchama (1994) Commercial Integrity, Roles and Object Orientation

Li Yu (1992) The KBO Model: Towards a Unified View of Data, Behaviours and Messages in Object-Oriented Database Systems

MSc Theses:

Mary Neo (1984) Universal Data Manipulation Language

Evade Koo (1985) A Database Management System for a Software Environment

Edwin Chan (1987) Database Modelling Concepts in an Object-Oriented Environment

Fahren Bukhari (1990) Two Fully Distributed Concurrency Control Algorithms

Adel M. Shrufi (1990) Query Processing in Object-Oriented Databases (with J. Mullin)

Budiyono (1991) Schema Modification in Object-Oriented Databases

Mohammad Nabil (1991) A Query Language for Object-Oriented Database Systems

G. Matunda Nyanchama (1991) Object-Oriented Database Security

Curtis L. Gittens (1985) Removing Path Expressions from Object-Oriented Database Queries

Laura K. Reid (1995) Using Roles to Represent Security in SQL

Sanda M. Chirila (1997) Role Based Security in O2

Lingling Hua (1998) Modeling Unix System Security with a Role Graph

Xiaoyu Yang (1998) Querying Web Pages with Database Query Languages

Yuxia Guo (1999) User/Group Administration for Role-Based Access Control

Bolanle Sangodoyin (2001) Schema Translation for Schema Integration

Jun Liu (2002) Mapping the Role Graph Model to Unix

Cecilia Ionita (2001) Permission Administraiton for Role-Based Access Control

Jingzhu Wang (2003) Role Graph Model for XML Databases

He Wang (2003) Role Graph Administration in an Enterprise Environment

Yan Han (2003) An XML Model forRBAC for Interaction with Relational Databases

Mei Ge (2004) Parameterized Roles and thier Application to XML Databases

Fakharullah Babar (2006) Privilege Management for the Role Graph Model for XML Databases

Yunyu Song (2006) Conflict of Interest in the Administrative Role Graph Model

Candy Shum (2008) Integrating Role-Based Access Control with Application Software

Zhiping Wu (2010) Database Intrusion Detection using Role Profiling

Hessam Zakerzadeh (2010) Multi-Degree Anonymization of Streaming Data

Aiman Lafi Alharbi (2010) The Role Graph Model and Privacy

Jian Zhu (2011) The Role Graph Model and Usage Control

Ildar Rakhmatulin (2011) A Framework for Analysis of Java-Based XACML Engines

Md Sadim Mahmud (2011) Tradeoff Analysis of Relational Database Storage for Privacy Purposes

Xiao Liang Hu (-2012) A New Approach for Delegations in Usage Control

Motahera Shermin (2013) An Access Control Model for NoSQL Databases

Hanna Al-Shareef (2014) A Collaborative Access Control Model for Shared Items in Online Social Networks

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