M. Elizabeth O. Locke

My research interests are in bioinformatics for Genomics research. I have worked with NGS and microarray data for both mouse and human. The main focus of my current work is on the identification of copy number variants and structural variants in these data.


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Talks and Workshops

Computing for Genomics - Paint by Numbers and Beyond
M.E.O. Locke. Topical Research in Computer Science Lecture Series. Dept of CS, UWO. Nov 4 2015.
Hot or Not? Leveraging mouse genome diversity to identify hotspots of copy number variants.
K.A. Hill and M.E.O. Locke and AE Wishart and S.T. Eitutis and J Butler and M. Daley. Mouse Molecular Genetics Meeting. October, 2012. Pacific Grove, California. 48-49.
Software Bootcamp.
M.E.O. Locke, M. Daley, P. Barnby. 2014


An array-based genomic survey of copy number variation across wild caught and inbred mice implicates different environmentally-responsive candidate genes.
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Assessing the concordance between three copy number variant detection pipelines for the Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array.
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Patterns of Copy Number Changes Between Spleen and Cerebellum Differ in the harlequin Mouse Model of Mitochondrial Dysfunction.
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Methylated DNA Sequence Alignment.
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Methylated DNA Sequence Alignment.
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