M. Elizabeth O. Locke

My passion for teaching stems from my passion for science, and I believe it is an important aspect of the discipline. Only in nurturing and inspiring all types of students can I make the best of the unique opportunity teaching at the university level provides.

By engaging students’ interest, giving them the opportunity to gain confidence in the material by testing their knowledge and observing “how its done”, I hope they will be inspired and able to think critically and creatively about the topics I teach, and inspired to continue learning in the field.

Teaching Sample Video

Though I don't normally record lectures, this is a video of an Assignment tutorial I made available to students: Queue Assignment Tutorial

Courses Taught

CS2212 - Introduction to Software Engineering
Winter 2015
Sole instructor for group project course in Java. With a team of 3 TAs, ran a course of 121 students making up 24 teams who spent the term developing a graphical Weather application. Topics ranged from terminology and engineering practices to practical tutorials on git, maven, unit testing and mocking.
CS1027 - Computer Science Fundamentals II
Winter 2015
Taught with another instructor. The second half of our first year, this course is in Java and covers basic data structures like linked lists, stacks, queues and trees, as well as searching and sorting algorithms and recursion.
CS1026 - Computer Science Fundamentals I
Winter 2015, Fall 2014, Winter 2014
Sole instructor for Winter terms and taught with another instructor in fall terms. Introductory computer programming course using Java with 100-300 students. Extensive use of multimedia programming facilitated by the textbook publisher’s libraries for picture manipulation. Augmented lecture material and assignments. TA teams between 3 and 10 to run lab sessions and grade.
CS3307 - Object-Oriented Design and Analysis
Fall 2013, Winter 2011
Sole instructor. Course covers C++ and object-oriented design principles and design patterns. Course includes large group project in C++ and Qt.
CS2208 - Introduction to Computer Organization
Winter 2013, Fall 2012
Assembly language and the SPARC architecture. TAs assisted with tutorials and grading.