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    Information for New Students

    Information for new students

    This page is intended to help students who have accepted our offer of admission and want to start preparing before their arrival in London. For the benefit of international students, much of the terminology that may be well-known to domestic students are also explained.

    Looking for a place to live

    Finding a place to live before you arrive can be challenging, especially if you cannot visit London before you start. Although the university has on-campus housing (student residences), most graduate students prefer to find their own places off-campus.

    Graduate students wishing to live in residence, which tends to be a little more expensive but is very convenient, should visit the university's housing website and click on Residence Info.

    The housing website above also provides a listing of off-campus acccommodations (choose Off-Campus Housing Service). It also provides a useful booklet about renting a place in London. Note that off-campus apartments and rentals are not owned by the university, but rather by private landlords or other companies.

    Another source of off-campus accommodations listings is in the Classifieds section of the local newspaper, the London Free Press. Under category, choose Rental Properties.

    Typical cost of renting

    The closer a place is to the university, the more expensive it usually is. In addition to rent, tenants (the renters) usually have to pay for utilities, unless they are included in the rent. Utilities are services such as electricity, water, phone, and internet service. However, virtually all apartment rentals include appliances, such as a fridge and a stove. Some apartments are also fully furnished (with a bed, tables, etc.), while some are unfurnished.

    Shared accommodations (with roommates) typically start at about $350/month, depending on how many roommates you are sharing with. Roommates also pay their share of utilities charges, which runs between $50-100 per month.

    Those wishing to live by themselves (without roommates) can rent a bachelor apartment (one room plus a private bathroom) for about $500-700 a month. A one-bedroom apartment (bedroom, separate kitchen, small dining area, bathroom, and living room) typically costs between $600-900 per month. Of course, the exact price will vary depending on the location, size, features, and whether utilities are already included in the rent.

    Non-scholarship and international students should look for accomodations less than about $500-600 per month. Otherwise, money may be tight.

    Getting to London

    Please refer to http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/int/services/index.html?arriving on information on how to arrive in London and UWO.