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    24th Oct 2013 10:30am

    Middlesex College RM 320

    Design Spaces in Information Visualization

    Hans-Jörg Schulz

    As the field of information visualization matures, a phase of consolidation sets in that aims to pull together multiple individual works of research under a common conceptual hood. This hood can take on different shapes and forms, one of which is the design space. Design spaces are hypothetical constructs that follow the mechanistic belief that the whole is the sum of a number of independent parts. A design space consists of a finite number of design dimensions, which each capture one particular design decision that has to be made to fully specify the whole. While often being challenging to construct, once a design space is established it can be an extremely powerful tool. This talk will exemplify the concept of design spaces by introducing a design space of tree visualizations and a design space of visualization tasks. These two design spaces are then used to illustrate their many applications by showing

    1. How they can be used to categorize and automatically taxonomify visualization techniques,
how they can be used to choose the right visualization for a given task at hand, and even
how they can be used to generate novel visualizations and enable true visualization by example.

    About the Speaker:

    Hans-Jörg Schulz received his diploma (2004) and doctorate degree (2010) from the University of Rostock, where he is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics. Besides visualization design spaces his research interests include graph visualization, the visualization of multiple, heterogeneous data sources, and visualization for the biomedical application domain. He maintains the tree visualization survey at http://treevis.net and he is a co-guest editor for the 2013 Computers & Graphics Special Section on Visual Analytics. More about his research can be found at http://hjschulz.net.