Howto: Configure your Mac to automatically mount an SMB share at Login


Background: I have come across two methods that allow you to automatically mount SMB/Windows file systems over the the network from your Mac system.

This tutorial will explain how to do so at login time -- such that every time you login to your mac it will mount a directory from the server. The other method will be covered in another tutorial.

This has been tested using the UWO internal wired networking, on a Mac running MacOS 10.6.3



Executive Summary :

  1. First manually mount the SMB volume using the standard Finder "Go -> Connect To Server" method
  2. Next drag that mount point into the "Login Items" window under the User Accounts section of your System Preferences.




First, open System Preferences, and select "Accounts"

In the Accounts window, select the "Login Items" tab.

Manually mount your desired SMB share. Use the "Go -> Connect To Server" menu option to do so, or the Command-K finder shortcut.

Then navigate to the mountpoint in your finder and then drag it into the "Login Items" window that you previously opened. (The other items in this window have been purposely blurred for privacy reasons).

Your mount point should now show up in your window.

You're Done! Next time you login, you should be prompted with a password window to mount the desired SMB filesystem.

End of Instructions.
23/Apr/2010 -- Art Mulder -- UWO CSD HowTo articles