David G. Wiseman

Stories of Computer Folklore

All ofthese jokes/stories were originally posted between August 1982 and March 1993. Yes, it's been 7+ years since I ran out of time to keep updating the list. The dates on each line are the timestamps on the files (which may not match any internal dates) and show when these were added to the collection. Note that the list is sorted alphabetically. Click here for the date ordered list.

Dec111992 Always Mount A Scratch Monkey
Dec11992 Bizarre Solbourne Corruption
Dec161992 Booted Where?
Feb111992 Catching Crackers
Dec161992 Clean Disks
Dec111992 Color And The Apple ][
Dec111992 Compiler Comments
Jan291992 Computer Advances in the Old USSR
Dec161992 DATE75 Revisited?
Dec161992 Death Watch on Wall Street
Jan291992 Environmentally Friendly HP Computers
Dec161992 Evolutionary Emacs
Dec11992 Fascism GNU Style
Dec161992 Finding New Ways to Use Mice
Dec111992 First Computer Bug
Dec161992 Floppy Disks and Floppy Users
Dec161992 Following Instructions
Dec111992 Following The Manuals
Jan291992 Fun with the Computing Center
Dec111992 Hide your serial cables!
Dec11992 High Performance Systems
Dec161992 How DOES AT&T Stay in Business?
Dec161992 How Far Can Your Disk Seek?
Jan291992 How To Contact Your Sysadmin In An Emergency
Dec161992 How do you measure nuclear warhead yield?
Dec111992 Hyper Ethernet Advertisement
Jan291992 If Your Terminal Is On Fire
Dec11992 Installing RS-6000 model 220 workstations
Dec161992 It won't work any more!
Dec161992 Magnetic Media
Dec161992 Michelangelo Intel
Jan291992 O-S 2: Things it Won't Do
Dec11992 Popular Targets
Dec111992 Quality Control
Jan291992 Received from DECWRL Early One Morning
Dec111992 Robin Hood And Friar Tuck
Apr21985 Robust Hardware!
Dec161992 Silicon Logos
Dec161992 Statistcally Speaking, It's not Probable
Dec111992 Switches On The Shuttle
Dec161992 Termin What?
Feb101992 The Big Bang (or the birth of the ARPANET)
Feb101992 The Emac Bolio Name Koan
Feb101992 The Garbage Collection Koan
Dec11992 The History of IBM Operating Systems
Dec161992 The Joys of a Sun Hardware Upgrade, ois.db Style
Feb101992 The Lambda Nature Koan
Dec111992 The Original Cookie Monster
Feb101992 The Power Cycle Koan
Feb101992 The Preconceptions Koan
Dec11992 The Trials of Sobeco
Dec11992 U.S. Patent Number: 4,956,809
Feb101992 UCLA Computer Room Sign
Jan291992 User-seductive Computing
Dec161992 Weighty Mail Brings System to Knees

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