Howto: Configuring Mac Mail to access the CSD mail server


Background: This howto is aimed at people using Mac OS-X. This explains how to configure the mail program on your mac so you can acces our mail server both from inside the firewall (ie: in your department office) or outside the firewall (ie: at home, or on a laptop using wireless) with the same configuration.

This has been tested on OS-X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) using the UWO public Wireless Network and also the internal CSD wired network.
This has been tested on OS-X 10.6 on the Bell Sympatico high speed (home DSL) network.



Executive Summary :

  1. Set your Incoming Mail server to (using your CSD user ID and password)
  2. Use IMAP to access the mail. Do NOT use POP!
  3. Set your Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) to
  4. Configure your outgoing mail to use SSL with your UWO user id and password to authenticate to the SMTP server. (ie: NOT your CSD id.)


UWO ITS also has on how to use the mac mail client to access the UWO mail servers. (for your UWO mail account, of course.)




Open the preferences window in Mac Mail:

Create an IMAP account using as the incoming mail server: (Do NOT use POP)

Configure the Outgoing Mail Server to be This is a secure service managed by ITS (not Computer Science) and therefore you need to use your UWO user account to authenticate to the mail server. Select SSL and Password authentication:



Multiple Accounts

The mac mail program supports multiple mail accounts. So you can configure it with both your CS email account, as well as another email account. Simply right-click on the CS account and take it online or offline as desired.

Checking Mail

Our mail server is a busy machine that supports hundreds of users in this department. As such, please do NOT configure your mail client to check for email more than once every 5 minutes -- a longer gap would be preferred.


End of Instructions.
6/Jan/2010 -- Art Mulder -- Howto docs