Howto: Remove Cached Network Passwords


Background: When you connect to a network resource, such as a printer, Windows will very helpfully offer to save the id/password used to connect to that resource. This document explains how to quickly remove those saved passwords.

This has been tested using a fresh install of Windows XP




There are two methods to access the required program:

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts


Go to Start -> Run
Then Enter "control userpasswords2"

(If your installation of XP is configured for simple control panels, then it will "hide" the User Accounts program, in which case the first method pops up a different program. In that case you need to use the 2nd method to access it.)

The "User Accounts" Dialog box should now appear. Select the "Advanced" tab, and then click on "Manage Passwords.

Now a window showing the list of stored passwords appears. In this example I have only stored one password for accessing a printer on the server wints, so that server is listed in the window.

To clear the password, simply select the servername and click on the "Remove" button.

End of Instructions.
23/Mar/2010 -- Art Mulder -- UWO CSD HowTo articles