Howto: Configuring Linux Printing to access a CSD printer

(For systems connected to our internal wired -- NOT wireless -- network)


Background: This howto is aimed at Faculty/Staff using Linux. This explains how to configure your Linux System so you can acces our print server from inside the firewall (ie: in your department office)



Executive Summary :

Essentially, youy need you print via SAMBA (SMB) so that you can authenticate to our print server for accounting and billing purposes. Using Samba, you will authenticate with your Windows Username and Password.
  1. Go to your "add printer" program
  2. Go to the section for a "network printer"
  3. Choose "windows printer via SAMBA"
  4. Fill in the "SMB:" printer field so it looks something like this: SMB://winfree/mc240 Winfree is the name of our RNDR domain server. mc240 is the name of the printer -- substitute the proper name for whatever printer you are adding.
  5. Select the printer brand and model.
When you print, you should be prompted for a username and password.



End of Instructions.
8/Oct/2013 -- Art Mulder -- Howto docs