Howto: Configuring Mac Printing to access a CSD printer

(For systems connected to our internal wired -- NOT wireless -- network)


Background: This howto is aimed at Faculty/Staff using Mac OS-X. This explains how to configure your mac so you can acces our print server from inside the firewall (ie: in your department office)

This has been tested on OS-X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) using the internal CSD wired network.

Students need to use the SMB Method which used authentication so that we can do accounting and allocate printing charges.



Executive Summary :

  1. In the Add Printer dialog, use IP printing, and the LPD protocol
  2. The name of the print server is
  3. Choose the queue (printer) that you wish and manually select the print make and model to access the specific driver for that model.




Open the System Preferences window, and select the "Print \& Fax" option :

Select the Plus sign (+) on the lower left under the "Printers" section, in order to add a new printer to your system:

In the Add Printer dialog, choose "IP" printing, and then fill in all the detail as in the sample window. The "Address" is the name of the print server, The "Queue" is the name of the printer you wish to use (ie: colour, duplex, mc325, etc). the "Name" is a name that you give to the printer on your Mac to help you remember which physical printer you mean.

Under the "Print Using" drop-down tab in the "Add Printer" dialog, make sure you choose "Select Printer Software". This will pop up a "Printer Software" dialog window. You need to manually specify the make and model of the printer. Unfortunately, this is not automatically supplied.

Once that is completed, click the "Add" button in the "Add Printer" dialog.

Depending on the printer model selected, you will then be prompted with a "Printer Options" dialog window, such as this one. Again, you need to manually specify any options, this is unfortunately not automatically supplied.


End of Instructions.
3/Mar/2010 -- Art Mulder -- Howto docs