Howto: Configure your Windows Laptop to access a CSD printer

(While using the UWO Wireless Network)


Background: This howto is aimed at people using Windows XP. This explains how to configure your laptop computer so you can access our print servers even though you are connected to to the Internet using the UWO Wireless system. This documents assumes that you already know the basics of adding a printer under Windows XP!

This has been tested using the UWO wireless networks "uwosecure-v2" and "uwo".



Executive Summary :

  1. Work through the control panel to add a network printer
  2. Select either "" (for GAUL/undergrad printing) or "" (for RENT/research/graduate printing) as the print server
  3. Select an appropriate printer, such as duplex.
  4. Sign in using your Windows account + password.




Open the Control Panel and select the "Printers + Faxes" utility.

Select the "Add a Printer" option.

In the "Local or Network Printer" dialog window, select Network Printer

In the "Specify a printer" dialog window, choose the 2nd option: connect to this printer.

If you are an undergrad student, or have a GAUL account, enter as the print server. If you are a grad student, or have a research account, enter as the print server.

Following the server, you need to specify the name of the printer. Unfortunately, you cannot browse for a list of names, since your laptop is not part of the CSD domain. The printers are usually named with the room number where they are located. For example, if you want to print to the printer in room MC342, then you enter the name mc342. The printers at the I/O counter include: duplex, personal, colour, admin.

An ID + Password dialog window should next appear. Enter your Windows ID + Password, and the printer will then be created.

PLEASE NOTE that the password dialog has a checkbox -- already ticked -- asking if you want Windows to remember this password. If you are borrowing a laptop, or just wish to be extra conscious of security, DO NOT leave that box checked.

If you have previously connected to one of these servers with your laptop, and checked the box to save your password, then it will NOT prompt for a password. If you want to clear previously saved passwords, then another howto document (Howto: Remove Cached Network passwords) is available.

End of Instructions.
11/Octar/2011 -- Art Mulder -- UWO CSD HowTo articles