Employment History 1985-1992

M.Sc. Candidate, Computer Science Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, September 1985 to June 1990:
  • Researched and gained experience in Local Area Network (LAN) protocols
  • Devised and implemented a novel LAN protocol for real-time communication systems using C
  • Published several research papers
  • Lectured several courses, including:
    • A graduate-level Computer Networks,1990-1991
    • A third-year Switching Theory and Finite Automata, 1990-1992
    • A second-year Application Programming,1988-1990
    • A third-year Numerical Analysis,1987-1988
    • A fourth-year Optimization Theory, 1987-1992
    • A fourth-year Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms, 1985-1986

System Programmer, (part time) Maritime Research and Consultation Center, Arab Maritime Transport Academy, Alexandria, Egypt, September 1986 to January 1989:
  • Developed many utility programs in both C and Assembly languages, including:
    • A general Arabization interface utility for laser printers
    • An emulation program for NCR terminals
    • A login security system for PCs
    • Micro processors debuggers and simulator

Research Assistant, Air Defense College, Egypt, May 1986 to April 1987:
  • Teaching assistant a fourth-year Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Supervised 50 students in a second-year Logic Design lab