Employment History 1992-1997

Ph.D. Candidate and Research Associate, Systems Design Engineering Department, University of Waterloo, June 1992 to April 1997:
  • Researched and gained experience in image processing and image Understanding towards implementing very high image compression techniques. This experience included:
    • Lossy and lossless image compression
    • Pattern classification using Artificial Neural Networks segmentation based image compression
    • Image restoration using Artificial Neural Networks adaptive techniques
    • Image compression using Artificial Neural Networks computer vision
    • Image format detection using Information Theory
  • Participated in several course projects (including implementing several image encoding, image restoration, and pattern classification projects using C/C++)
  • Co-supervised a team of three students working on their fourth-year project: Image Compression Using Artificial Neural Networks
  • Published several research papers

Computer Systems Administrator for the PAMI Lab, (part time) Systems Design Engineering Department, University of Waterloo, January 1993 to April 1997:
  • Administered and maintained all the computing equipment of the PAMI research group. These equipments include SUN Ultra, SUN Sparc, Silicon Graphics, Vax, and PC machines
  • Provided general support for staff and students on issues related to Unix and C/C++ programming

System Administration Consultant, (part time) AT&T Global information Solutions, Waterloo, November 1995:
  • Installed a new SUN machine
  • Resolved networking problems for SUN workstations with other existing systems