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Ali K. Hamou and Mahmoud R. El-Sakka, "Wavelet-Filter Performance Evaluation for Digital Images", IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, CCECE'2003, Vol. 3, 2075 - 2078, May 2003, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Using one filter over another can greatly affect the performance of a wavelet system without changing other vital factors. In this paper, various wavelet filter sets will be evaluated and their performance will be judged based on a set of criteria, namely energy compaction and filter tap-size, given that the former provides a tighter performance constraint and the latter directly correlates with execution time. Since, a universal filter tuned for every single application does not yet exist, the proposed evaluation can help in providing a guideline to where certain filter sets should, or should not, be used in order to best exploit them in a given application.