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Amr R. Abdel-Dayem and Mahmoud El-Sakka, "Automatic Segmentation and Tissue Classification Using Ultrasound Imaging", TR#634, (13 pages) Computer Science Department, University of Western Ontario, October 2004, London, Ontario, Canada.


Medical imaging is an important tool in the diagnostic and treatment of several diseases. Currently various imaging modalities are being heavily used for clinical purposes. Medical imaging is an active area of research that attracts the attention of computer scientists. Image processing, artificial intelligence, image understanding and classification techniques are the basic foundation towards a better understanding and analysis of medical images. Currently, ultrasonography is widely used in several medical areas. These areas include cardiology and obstetrics. This report introduces basic ideas about ultrasound imaging. It presents the most relevant work done in the field of ultrasonography in different directions. These directions include, image enhancement, image segmentation and feature extraction and classification.