CS 830b: Algorithms for recurrences, differential equations, and the automatic proof of identities

Éric Schost, Computer Science Department

Lectures: MC 320, Monday, 9:30 am - 11:30 am.
Office Hours: MC 415, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:30 am - 11 am.
Phone: 519 661 2111 ext 86994 (e-mail contact preferred!)


Representing functions or sequences on a computer is hard. The good data structures are not the functions themselves, but rather the equations that define them. This course will present algorithms for handling functions or sequences given by linear differential equations and recurrences. We will cover the following (tentative) list of topics




Student evaluation

There is no quizz or midterm exam. Students will choose a paper in a list, write a report and give an oral presentation. Remark: I am not asking you to read the papers in their integrality; some are too long. Once you have chosen a topic of interest, you should contact me; we will decide exactly what content is suitable for presentation.