CS1033 Multimedia and Communications
Assignment 2
Due: Friday, October 26, 2012 by 3:00 PM

You have been approached by the organization "My Sisters' Place", a safe haven for women facing homelessness, to create a poster to advertise their empowering program: Micro-Enterprise (M.E.). M.E. is a group of women who gather to create original jewelry and accessories. These products are then sold at My Sisters' Place and at local events. Your poster will be used when the group sets up displays at events to sell their products. This organization is open to any sort of ideas you can come up with for your poster.

Your poster MUST:

More details about M.E.:

Now to make this really interesting:

My Sisters' Place will be picking the top 3 posters that appeal to them. Your mark will NOT be made available to them, but they will be choosing based on the look and the content of the poster. The top three posters may actually be used in their campaign as part of their marketing campaign. TRY TO MAKE YOUR POSTER ONE OF THE CHOSEN POSTERS, it will look great on your resume!

NOTE: You may use ANY PICTURES you want FROM THE INTERNET, but if your poster is picked as the winning poster, we might have to replace the images you originally used if the organization cannot get the copyrights to it (but you will NOT LOSE MARKS on your assignment) . If you want to try to build a poster that won't violate copyright laws, use your own photography or images from on-line stockphoto websites such as www.istockphoto.com or www.bigstockphoto.com or www.shutterstock.com. or any other one you like that will give us the right to use the images as part of the campaign. Some sites say "Free" to use. If you use an image from ANY ONLINE STOCKPHOTO site where we can have the rights to that photo, and your poster is chosen, then we can go to the site and pay for the image. Don't worry about the watermark on these images, you won't lose marks for that if you include it in the poster. But if you feel that the watermark interferes with the look of your poster, then consider any of the options above.

Marking Scheme For Your Assignment:

In this assignment, we do not have specific requirements as far as how many shapes and effects you need to use. Based on what you have learned from your labs and your first assignment, put together a professional poster that uses different graphic elements/techniques (shapes, opacity, text variation, effects, etc.) to create a professional poster that meets the requirements listed above. Below is the list of criteria we will be using to mark this assignment.


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