CS1033 Multimedia and Communications
Assignment 2

You have been approached by the Epilepsy Support Centre to design a poster to educate the public and promote awareness of Epilepsy Awareness Month. The Centre will distribute this poster to public schools, high schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and community organizations.

Your poster MUST:

If you need some more inspiration, more information about the organization and support for epilepsy can be found at:

Now to make this really interesting:

A representative from the Epilepsy Support Centre will be picking the top 3 posters. Your mark will NOT be made available to her, but she will be choosing based on the look and the content of the poster. The top three posters may actually be printed and then used to advertise the event. TRY TO MAKE YOUR POSTER ONE OF THE CHOSEN POSTERS, it will look great on your resume!

NOTE: You may use ANY PICTURES you want FROM THE INTERNET, but if your poster is picked as the winning poster, we might have to replace the images you originally used if the organization cannot get the copyrights to it (but you will NOT LOSE MARKS on your assignment) . If you want to try to build a poster that won't violate copyright laws, use your own photography or images from on-line stock photo websites such as www.istockphoto.com or www.bigstockphoto.com or www.shutterstock.com. or any other one you like that will give us the right to use the images as part of the campaign. Some sites say "Free" to use. If you use an image from ANY ONLINE STOCKPHOTO site where we can have the rights to that photo, and your poster is chosen, then we can go to the site and pay for the image. Don't worry about the watermark on these images, you won't lose marks for that if you include it in the poster. But if you feel that the watermark interferes with the look of your poster, then consider any of the options above.

Marking Scheme For Your Assignment:

In this assignment, we do not have specific requirements as far as how many shapes and effects you need to use. Based on what you have learned from your labs and your first assignment, put together a professional poster that uses different graphic elements/techniques (shapes, opacity, text variation, effects, etc.) to create a professional poster that meets the requirements listed above. Below is the list of criteria we will be using to mark this assignment.


WinSCP Instructions:

Note: you are now posting to a NEW SERVER not panther so follow instructions below and make sure you put the link to your website in Owl.


Due to limitations on space on Panther, for the remaining three assignments your assignments will be hosted on the Computer Science web server.

You will still be using WinSCP or Filezilla to upload your files but a few things will be different:

  1. When you run WinSCP or Filezilla use the following information:
    1. Host Name: publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca
      1. NOTE: on filezilla, if you are OFF Campus, you need to putt sftp://publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca
    2. Username: Your western username, for example jsmit
    3. Password: The GAUL password you were sent by the computer science department at the beginning of term
    4. Port: 22 (only if you are on campus or in residence), 27 (if you are using WINScp/filezilla from off campus)
    5. File Protocol: This SHOULD by default be SFTP, but if it is FTP, change it to SFTP
  2. You no longer have to move into public_html on the right side (remote) of WinSCP or Filezilla. You are actually put immediately into the public_html folder so you don't need to move to it.
  3. On the right side of the WinSCP (or Filezilla) window, i.e. the remote machine, create a folder called assign2
  4. Right click on it and double check that the permissions for the assign2 folder are 0755
  5. Move into the assign2 folder
  6. Drag your .psd file and your .jpg file into the remote assign2 folder
  7. On the right side of the WinSCP (or Filezilla) window, i.e. the remote machine, right click on both the .jpg and .psd files and make sure the permissions are 0644
  8. YOU MUST CHECK THAT YOUR UPLOAD WORKED CORRECTLY, please follow these instructions to make sure this step worked:


To double check, open a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and type the following web address: http://publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca/youruserid/assign2. For example: if your username was lreid, you would type: http://publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca/lreid/assign2/ (notice there is no ~ before your username this time) This should display a list containing your .jpg file and your .psd file. Click on your .jpg file and make sure the image of your poster pops up in the browser. If it doesn't, you have done something wrong, try again or visit a TA during the posted consulting times.

OWL Instructions:

Late Policy

Marking Hints:

Things we will be looking for while marking:

Receiving Your Grade for the Assignment:

You should receive your grade for this assignment back approximately ONE week after the last possible date to hand it in. You will receive your grade via Owl. There will be a NEW attached spreadsheet file (a .xls file) in the assignment 1 section of the CS1033 Owl. This .xls file will contain the grading rubric from the teaching assistant who marked your assignment. If you disagree with your mark, please email your lecturer and explain which portions of the assignment you feel was marked incorrectly (indicate which rows in the spreadsheet file were marked incorrectly).

NOTE: If you ask for a remark of your assignment, the lecturer will remark the entire assignment and you could potentially end up with a LOWER grade for the assignment. The grade received from the lecturer will be your FINAL mark.