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Laura Reid, Lecturer, The University Of Western Ontario: "Ever since I had my laser eye surgery, I have been wondering about what I could do with my old glasses. I didn't want to just throw them away because I knew someone else might be able to use them. I had my surgery almost 4 years ago and I still had at least 5 pairs of prescription glasses just kicking around the house. Then, in November of 2009, I was reading the InStyle magazine and I saw that Jake Gyllenhaal was promoting a charity that would take my glasses and send them overseas. I was thrilled"


Thomas from Mali:  "Thomas is 57 years old. He lost his glasses about four months ago before coming to the Rescue Mission. Thomas left high school in the 10th grade. He has not been able to attend our education program because he has such difficulty seeing to read. I am hoping you are able to provide Thomas with an eyeglass voucher so he can pursue his education in preparation for the GED examination."

Larry L Biehler, MD, Medical Director, Feed The Children Medical Team: "Your organization's generous donation of more than 70,000 pounds of used eyeglasses has allowed Feed The Children Medical Team to fill the extreme ocular needs of the poor and hurting of sixteen developing countries around our world. What a blessing!"


Brigadier General Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.) Chief Executive Officer Physicians for Peace: "In recent years, through your generous donations of gently used eyeglasses, frames and other items, we have been able to help the vision impaired see again through our Seeing Clearly program....Those glasses and other items were shipped to the Philippines, where Physicians for Peace volunteers scanned the glasses to determine their prescription strength, and then distributed them to needy patients as part of a comprehensive vision exam and vision care program."

Jennifer Smith:  "Jennifer is 10 years old and donated her glasses to the organization.  She hopes that some other little child will benefit from her glasses.  She also is starting a drive at school to collect any glasses from other students and teachers.  Jennifer hopes that the glasses they collect can be sent to a village somewhere in Nicaragua where children would be so appreciative.   She even hopes to hand deliver the glasses herself."

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